SW-300i passive subwoofer ball in a new design

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Product information "SW-300i passive subwoofer ball in a new design"
To round off the sound for small and medium 2 way systems use our 30 cm subwoofer ball. Small and unobtrusive, it blends harmoniously into any room. No more corners and edges - just a round thing!
Due to its statics and sound neutrality, the sphere is superior to all other loudspeaker enclosure forms. The stability is additionally increased by 6 internal struts. Only the loudspeaker membrane of our built-in D-165 subwoofer chassis should vibrate. The 16 cm aluminium diaphragm generates a high alternating pressure without "bending" itself or the cabinet.
All RECKHORN subwoofer amplifiers provide for a powerful drive. With the A-409 subwoofer amplifier you can get even more low bass electronically. Especially economical is the A-2.1 stereo amplifier with its variable electronic crossover and 3-channel power for stereo satellites plus mono subwoofer. Other subwoofer amplifiers with adjustable low-pass are also suitable. If you have an AV receiver with built-in crossover for the subwoofer range, you can also use standard amplifiers.
The cable connection is doubled in order to pass it on to a second subwoofer. With an amplifier impedance of 4-8 Ohm you switch in series = 8 Ohm and with 2 Ohm suitability parallel = 2 Ohm. Our subwoofer amplifiers including the A-2.1 subwoofer channel are suitable for 2 ohms.
Thiele-Small Parameter:
Re = 3,6 Ohm, Le = 1,195 mH, FS = 28 Hz, Qms = 5,69, Qes = 0,32, Qts = 0,30, Sd = 132 qcm, Vas = 17 l, Mms = 43 g, BL = 9,38 N/A. Wirkungsgrad: 83 dB 1 W / 1 m


Additional information: "SW-300i passive subwoofer ball in a new design"


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