W-132 13cm low-mid speaker

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Product information "W-132 13cm low-mid speaker"
We now also use our proven cone concept from the high end C-191 in this 132mm / 5.5" bass-midrange driver. The still soft aluminium cone blank is cut asymmetrically and hard anodized on both sides. The slots are then sealed airtight with a highly damping compound - the best synthesis of both diaphragm concepts: hard and stable but short decay time of the midrange.
Further features are: Cast aluminium basket with voice coil ventilation, rubber surround with "wave breaker" profile, soft suspension for very low outdoor resonance as a prerequisite for good bass reproduction in small closed cabinets from 3 litres. For lower bass we recommend 6-10 litres.
Additionally you have the possibility to order an attachment with a T-1.0C dome tweeter (see above).
The applications are manifold: one or more per speaker and the special combination with the T-1.0C tweeter as high end coax.

We have developed the coaxial version of our T-1.0 for the combination with our 132mm / 5.5" woofer. The tweeter is screwed directly to a flat side of the W-132 basket. The tweeter cable disappears underneath through a small drill hole, which has to be sealed airtight.
The dome is thus located exactly in the centre of the W-132. The asymmetrical front panel is strongly insulated on the rear to filter the undesirable overtones of the W-132. This construction makes it possible to produce a point source of the extra class with a 6 dB high frequency crossover.
Free of charge we deliver from 2 x W-132 x 2 x T-1.0C the crossover components for the T-1.0C tweeter after our recommended tuning:
3-3.3 µF = 3 x 1µF very high quality polypropylene fim capacitors, which are connected in parallel to 3µF. The parallel connection further reduces the already low loss factor. The 5 Ohm resistance is due to the minus of the tweeter. This can be increased to approx. 8 Ohm if the treble reproduction is to be slightly weaker.

Thiele-Small Parameter:
Revc=4.100Ohm Levc=688.291µH Fo=32.916Hz Sd=8.659Kmm Md=10.000q BL=7.4444T Qms=3.521 Qes=0.235 Qts=0.220 No=0.238% SPLo=85.8dB Vas=16.212 Ltr Cms=1.523 M/N Mms=15.354g Mmd=14.891q

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Technical data:
Frequency range
Load capacity from 80 Hz
Efficiency 1W/1m
X-max. =
Dimensions (mm)

35 - 5.000 Hz
50 Watt
80 Watt
84 dB
4 Ohm
+ - 5mm
132mm / 5.5"


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Customer evaluation for "W-132 13cm low-mid speaker"
30 May 2021

Preis-Leistung top. Auch in 3 Wege als Tieftöner zu gebrauchen

Ich habe mir 8 STK. Bestellt um sie als Tieftöner (je 4Stk) in meinen Bassreflex Standlautsprechern zu verwenden.
Verarbeitung war tadellos, und dass sogar Passende Schrauben mitgeliefert wurden hat mich bei dem Preis überrascht.
Die Tieftöner spielen bei mir nur bis ca. 150Hz. Erste Soundcheck war positiv, klingen sehr sauber und extrem tief. Deutlich besser als meine 4 Visaton 8" Tieftöner die ich vorher hatte.
Begeistert vom Klang hab ich den Frequenzgang gemessen und -3db liegt bei 35Hz.
Subwoofer ist somit nicht mehr nötig.
Einzige Nachteil, der Wirkungsgrad ist Recht gering. Aber durch die Mehrfachverwendung liegt der Maximalpegel trotzdem hoch genug.

Alles in allem, super Tieftöner.
Ich würde sie sofort wieder kaufen.

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