1 x ABX 2 mm alubutyl and 1 x DV-10 insulating fleece

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Product information "1 x ABX 2 mm alubutyl and 1 x DV-10 insulating fleece"
Our Alubutyl has the strongest surface adhesion and no bitumen smell. We have improved the quality in many ways:
1. our ABX is odourless and self-adhesive.
2. the tackiness and sound insulation surpasses all comparable products due to the material mix and the high weight of 3.5 kg / m².
3. the edge does not stick because the aluminium and silicone paper overlap.
4. both ends are also protected from sticking. Roll in plastic foil + cardboard packaging. Our aluminium + butyl thickness ratio has proven to be optimal. 5.
5. processing is already possible from 5° Celsius.
Dimensions 0.4 x 5.0 metres = 2m², thickness 2mm. Weight of one sqm = approx. 3.5 kg
The 2 m² are sufficient for 2 car doors and mostly for smaller rattle points.
International Material Data System entry available.
Please make sure to wear work gloves, as the hard film is very sharp-edged.
DV-10i and Alubutyl are not approved by any car manufacturer for the engine compartment.
Therefore, the insurance company may refuse payment in the event of a claim.
A better and cheaper product for damping and sound insulation can hardly be found on the market at present. Don't buy any petroleum or asphalt adulterated insulation foils! The stuff stinks like mothballs in your car. Please bear in mind that the insulation layer is not completely covered if you use it to bridge gaps in the sheet metal, for example.

In addition, there are health risks:
Guideline values for naphthalene can be found in the download area.


The following test report (in the download area) for our Alubutyl shows that there is no health risk whatsoever.
Summary: The result of the analysis shows that the proportion of all 197 substances of very high concern in the sample is less than 0.1%.
"Summary: According to the analytical results, concentrations of 197 SVHC substances are less than 0.1% in the submitted sample."
Explanations on the EU REACH Regulation: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verordnung_(EG)_Nr._1907/2006_(REACH)

We had a "cheap product" tested for emissions of substances of health concern. The accredited test laboratory found, among others, the substance naphthalene at 500µg/m³. Naphthalene is classified as "probably carcinogenic" according to the CLP regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging). In our ABX, only 2 µg/m³ naphthalene was measured under the same test conditions (50 x 20 cm without cover foil).

Our tip: Before buying from a cheap supplier, ask for written confirmation that you will not smell mothballs or asphalt after removing the film.

DV-10 Self adhesive noise dampening nonwoven

Improved version with high-quality protective film - easily removable.

4 mats with 1500 mm x 400 mm x 8 mm = total area 2.4 m² with a high density of approximately 1.25 kg / m²

DV 10 is self-adhesive ideal for vibration and noise reduction. Possible applications are eg. in a car in the door and side trim, dashboard, headliner or under the carpets in the interior, as well as in the home for any sound, including speakers and subwoofers.
The DV-10 insulating nonwoven is to stick in the car before the rain protector and is not suitable for areas that are exposed to moisture. Applicable is the insulating nonwoven in the temperature range from -40 to + 90 ° C.
Airborne sound is converted by the friction of small particles / fibers within porous materials in heat. The insulating effect of the DV-10 is better than in similar mats with thicknesses of 8-12mm, because they contain less material.

Our insulating nonwoven has a very strong adhesive coating. The protective film is easily removable by the side overlap.
Weight per mat 0.75 kg.
In the task bar below the product images you will find further important information.


Additional information: "1 x ABX 2 mm alubutyl and 1 x DV-10 insulating fleece"


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