D-165i Subwoofer Built-in loudspeaker

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Product information "D-165i Subwoofer Built-in loudspeaker"
All components are of high quality without compromise. This speaker has been optimized for long excursion bass response in small speaker cabinets. The best results are obtained in sealed box enclosures. Additional quality improvements can be realized by the use of the analog (S-1) or digital (DSP-6) crossover networks. The anodized speaker cone is both sides very rigid, allowing quick transients at low resonance which prevents cone break up even under high internal cabinet pressure or vacuum. The long throw voice coil and rubber surround assure linearity a low resonance frequency. The cast aluminum speaker basket is ventilated. Additionally the membrane has been designed with ventilation louvres behind the dust cap. The already low mechanical losses are further reduced by the high efficiency voice coil wound in four layers of polyamide wire capable of withstanding temperatures of 250 degree C.
Suggested use and application of the DS-165 speaker are:
- compact size subwoofers boxes
- 2 way speakers systems in combination with a suitable tweeter
- subwoofer enclosures for 2 or more chassis for extended low bass output and fast impulse response.
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Recommended net volume for housing, heavily insulated in the middle.
D-165i subwoofer chassis Quantity for good low bass      for optimal deep bass
1 12-14 litres 20-25 litres
2 22-25 litres 35-40 litres
3 30-35 litres 45-50 litres
4 36-40 litres 55-60 litres
Thiele-Small Parameter:
Re = 3,6 Ohm, Le = 1,195 mH, FS = 28 Hz, Qms = 5,69, Qes = 0,32, Qts = 0,30, Sd = 132 qcm, Vas = 17 l, Mms = 43 g, BL = 9,38 N/A. Wirkungsgrad: 83 dB 1 W / 1 m

Video & Loudspeaker Construction

Presentation of the D-165 built-in subwoofer chassis by Mr. Klaus Reck personally.
New design for our D-165i subwoofer built-in speaker.
Customers Loudspeaker construction
Hello here some pictures of the construction of my bandpass per Chassi 6 Liter GG and a 100 Liter vent chamber ports are 3*10 cm pipes 200 mm long
Dear Klaus,

Apologies for late reply. I have been busy and making this project occasionally.
Now they are almost ready. I must say that I’m impressed! I am not going to waste
these subwoofers under bench. I am preparing feets for them and use them at
my main system.
I tested them with Sunfire HRS 10” subwoofers plate amplifier
(it has some kind of Linkwitz transform in it) and these towers play wery low
with great slam and effortlessly!  Very bargain system!!!


Additional information: "D-165i Subwoofer Built-in loudspeaker"


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