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A-800 Amplifier +H-100 Subwoofer


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  • A-802.H-100
A-800 subwoofer amplifier + H-100 corner horn subwoofer = € 498.- to a package... more
A-800 Amplifier +H-100 Subwoofer

A-800 subwoofer amplifier + H-100 corner horn subwoofer = € 498.-
to a package price of € 558.-
(You Save € 50.-)
You can now choose your desired version of H-100.

A-800 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier 1x800 W/2 ohm

The A-800 has the same chassis as the A-500 to another circuit concept:
A bigger analog PSU with 1000W toroidal transformer combined with digital end gusset. This allowed the performance to be increased in the same compact masses to 800 watts RMS without cooling problems and fan. This power reserve is valuable for the operation of one or more interconnected subwoofers with low efficiency and low bass boost. A manual or automatic raising (with Einmesssystemen) of sloping deep bass is pointless without at least 50% Amplifier Reserve. The lowest octave between 20-40 Hz requires about 70% of total output.In this area, it does not depend on subtleties, but sheer force = fast, strong power delivery for transient response in deep bass, even at very high volume.

H-100 Eckhornsubwoofer

Improvements over the previous model:
1. The housing is better braced and sealed
2. The horn shape has been optimized
3. The new horn driver provides impressive cone stability, cancelling any ripple effect
4. The top plate is made of silicone rubber and is removable. In the horizontal position the plate may be rotated and glued down.

Many consumers are not aware of the fact that the complete, musically important octave, from low C to high C, fits into the 20 Hz difference from 20-40 Hz as well as between 10.000 to 20.000 Hz. This lack of understanding results in an overevaluation of the high frequencies and underevaluation of the low frequencies. No music enthusiast or audiophile would purchase a speaker with a frequency limit of 10.000 Hz.  Many expensive speakers, however, produce little sound below 40 Hz; few will go somewhat lower, but the sound pressure levels will be weak.  Electronically generated tones and sound effects, particularly in movies, create a desire for more deep bass, which in fact is produced by some good subwoofers, unfortunately at high distortion. An excellent test for the deep bass capability of a speaker is the  short impulses produced by a bass drum played at  high volume, approaching the limits of the power band of the amplifier.  When such signal is compared with a live performance, 99% of subwoofers will disappoint, primarily because the sound from the speaker will sound muddy and smeared in comparison to the origional sharp and dry attack of the bass drum beat. Why is this?
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